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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Locally born and raised, Mr. Pittillo graduated from AC Reynolds High School in 1994. After Graduating, Mr. Pittillo's family supported him as he earned an Associate's Degree from Hiwassee College(1996), then a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Montreat College (1999). During his professional career, Mr. Pittillo decided to continue his education and earned a Master's Degree in Management Leadership from Montreat College. Mr. Pittillo then completed a two-year leadership certification from Harvard University.

Mr. Pittillo is truly the face of Buncombe County Residents. Mr. Pittillo has worked in the food service industry, professional baseball player, mixed-martial artist, construction worker, farmer, mechanic, and worked in the Heating and Air Conditioning industry. Mr. Pittillo has also managed small businesses and large corporations alike. Having done most, not one individual can say that he does not relate to the blue-collar worker.

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