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Let's keep it Simple

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Road conditions: Something we can all relate to within our area. Start looking at the pot holes, pavement deteriorating, stopped-up drainage ditches, and the underneath washing away at the very embankments.

Schools: Why don't we have the monies follow the child? Let's stop the right and left from arguing about what needs to be done. Give the parent a choice to use the money to homeschool, private school, or continue down the route of public schools. We also need to go one step further; having said funds follow the student until they are 20 years old if they so chose to go to a school within North Carolina for post-high school education.

Cell Phone and Broadband: Hold companies such as Verizon accountable, making them keep up with the growth in the area so we all can have a cell signal. Also, make sure that the Broadband we were promised gives each and every community member high internet speed.

Environmentally accountable: While construction is continuing within our mountains, ensure that environmentally sensitive areas are protected from over-development. Continue to seek ways to protect our Mountains so our children can enjoy them as much as we have.

Hold politicians from the right and left accountable and ethical with their decisions. Politicians are to represent the community as a whole, it is time they start doing this and representing everyone.

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